Dell XPS 13 review (XPS 13 9315 ultrabook model)

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  1. Murray

    April 17, 2023 at 9:28 am

    I've previously owned an XPS 13, I think around 2016. It had a coil whine problem with the screen which I believe was a known hardware bug that hadn't been fixed over multiple generations of the laptop. As I have high frequency hearing it was always a bother. But apart from that I liked it, so I bought a 2023 XPS 13 with an i7, 1TB/32GB, basically a maxed out version which I'll use for software development.

    I concur with your review for the most part, but you do it one disservice: the two ports aren't USB-C, they're Thunderbolt 4. That's a huge difference even over Thunderbolt 3, and while the two ports seem pretty minimal, once you plug the XPS into a dock such as the CalDigit TS4, ThunderBolt 4's 40Gb/s performance means you can run two full 4K dual monitors, any other USB or audio devices off of a single port connection. So while I'd admittedly like at least a headphone jack, buying an expensive dock means that when I'm home I can use pretty much every device, two screens, audio I/O, etc. all at once without noticing any performance hit.

    It'll be my main workstation now so I'll see how it stacks up in terms of both performance and longevity.

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