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UltrabookReview.com is an unbiased and independent technology magazine.

We write about the latest ultrabooks, portable laptops, and other mobile computing technologies. We do reviews, impressions, analysis, and occasional news. We also do video content, from time to time.

However, we are not like other publishers out there.

We’re a small independent project and not a behemoth baked up by a big corporation. Thus, rather than reblogging many small news articles every day, we put our efforts into well-documented guides, reviews with thorough tests and benchmarks, detailed comparisons and analysis, and editorials. That means we’re only publishing new content time and again, and not every day.

Futhermore, we mostly focus on one topic here: laptops, with seldom deviations into connex niches. Rather than covering everything lightly, we put our efforts and limited resources into a single topic and strive to offer better reviews and advice on this topic than you would find on generalist technology websites.

We are passionate about consumer technology and giving you, our readers, our honest opinions on what we cover, to help you to make the most educated purchasing decisions possible. Our background and many years of expertise allow us to put up detailed articles that will help you pick the best laptop for your needs and budget, as well as explain why a specific technology or model might be better for certain uses than others.

That aside, we also tend to our community and reply to all the comments and questions, so if you need any help with your decision, ideally just get in touch in the comments section at the end of each article, or you can contact us by email or on Twitter.

One final note is that we take pride in the fact that we do not accept money for reviews, nor write about things we don’t feel are really important.

So while there are no sponsored or paid posts on this website, unless clearly stated otherwise at the end of an article, we are nonetheless a business and thus we do include ads and affiliate links in our content. These are necessary to keep the site rolling and pay our bills each month, but we also stress that any affiliate links or banner ads have absolutely no influence on our editorial policy. If there’s something wrong with a product, rest assured, we’ll tell you about it. Check out the Terms, Conditions, and Disclaimer page for more details.

Your trust and satisfaction are our priorities. We want you to be happy with what you’ll end up getting based on our advice, so you can go and tell your friends about us and our work!

This editorial policy takes time and effort, so if you want to say thanks or support us, here’s how you can do it.

Ultrabookreview.com in numbers

  • established in 2011;
  • 500+ detailed reviews published, over 100 various guides;
  • 7M readers per year as of 2022, with 4m:16s average time on page;
  • 38M video views and 60+K subscribers on our Youtube channel.

The Team behind Ultrabookreview.com

We are a small (but dedicated) team of enthusiasts here:

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