Pricing details of the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL revealed

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By Ricci Rox, last updated on April 4, 2021

The Pixel 4 phones are closer than ever to their official launch event.

So far, there’s not much that hasn’t been revealed about the flagships—with Google also doing its best to keep the phones in the eyes of the public. While things on the hardware side have been mostly revealed, pricing details of the phones have been a lot more uncertain.

Popular leakster Evan Blass has now revealed the Canadian pricing details of the two flagships, and they mostly corroborate with previous leaks.

There are four SKU’s. The 64 GB Pixel 4 is said to cost CAD$1049.95, and the 128 GB model is listed for CAD$1199.95. Those prices translate into US$790 and US$900 respectively. The bigger 64 GB Pixel 4 XL costs the same as the 128 GB Pixel 4—CAD$1199.95 (US$900), while the top model 128 GB Pixel 4 will apparently cost CAD$1359.95 (US$1020).

Most of these numbers are consistent with a leak from last month. For example, going by that leak, the 64 GB Pixel 4 would cost €922.97, which converts into about US$1013. That price tag is inclusive of European VAT, however, and assuming a 20% VAT takes the MSRP down to US$810. That’s close to the US$790 figure this new leak claims.


Going by all of these, it’s safe to say that these will be the prices of the Pixel 4 phones:

Pixel 4 (64 GB): US$799.99
Pixel 4 (128 GB): US$899.99
Pixel 4 XL (64 GB): US$899.99
Pixel 4 XL (128 GB): US$999.99

Source: MSPowerUser

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